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The unwelcome surprise picture book for kids New baby book about dogs and babies great gift for new moms baby shower gift


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Perfect for fans of Something's Wrong! and Can I Be Your Dog?, this charmingly funny new baby story by debut author/illustrator, Olga Herrera, explores the fears and joys that come with change.

Every morning, Bongo walks downstairs to get his food, passing his dried-up potted plant, his old stained chair, and his stinky stained carpet. Until one morning...something is different! Something monstrous is in his way! Bongo is beside himself with worry; will it take his walks? What if it eats his food? Or even worse...what if it takes his family?!

Imprint Publisher

Feiwel & Friends

ISBN  9781250827678

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The colorful digital illustrations are warm, lively, and unfussy; children will enjoy identifying the telltale items signifying that an infant lives in this household...Babies and dogs—no unwelcome surprises there. A bouncy story young readers will relate to and appreciate.


"This sweet story ... it’s charming and honest, and props to it for acknowledging that pets deserve reassurance, as do older siblings, when new babies come along."


Readers will be entertained by Olga Herrera’s rendering of Bongo’s expressive facial features as he tries to come to terms with a new baby in the house. Lively and colorful illustrations will keep readers turning the pages of this sweet, and oft times, hilarious story.

-Cathy Stefanec Ogren (Author)

Bongo is the sweetest!! It's a humorous and heartwarming book. I love how Olga balanced that out. The characters' expressions are priceless! The story is about change. Everyone who faces changes or transitions will feel related to Bongo. I also love how the arrival of a new baby doesn't take away the family's love for Bongo. It's not about the new baby vs the pet. Bongo still receives the same amount of love and care. This makes the book very special!

-Lenny Wen (Author/Illustrator)

THE UNWELCOME SURPRISE is certain to resonate with any kids about to experience that big change.

-Jonathan Roth (Author)


Meet the real Bongo! 

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