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Author Visits and Teacher Resources

Thank you for inviting me to your school!

In-Person presentations are usually 45-60 minutes long for elementary school-age children. I will explain who is an author and an illustrator and what they do. I will then read a book and give a quick lesson on drawing a character from the book. I will show how important it is for characters to show emotion and how easy it is to change their expressions. There will be time for questions and, of course, to pass some stickers to the class. If the students purchased books, I could sign their copies.  

For older students, I can explain the physical characteristics of a book: The front cover, endpapers, the spine of the book, etc., and what it takes to write and illustrate a picture book. 
I can brainstorm with the class to develop a story and design the main character of the story we create. This activity can go well with a lesson plan on creative writing.

Feel free to contact me to discuss logistics and travel.  Virtual visits are also a possibility. 

Free teacher resources to go along with my books

Resources Coming Soon!

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